Tony's Specials

Each week, we offer a variety of specials. Follow us on facebook to see what today's special is!

Don't forget about Dessert!

  • multicolor red and orange vanilla icing doughnuts with sprinkles
  • Doughnuts and desserts stacked
  • multicolor blue and purple vanilla icing doughnuts with sprinkles
  • pink and red Heart shaped sugar Cookies
  • Dessert colorful Sprinkled chocolate Doughnuts
  • Dessert Christmas sugar cookie platter
  • cereal and chocolate chip sprinkled doughnuts
  • Pistachio Bread Dessert
  • Colorful sprinkled vanilla doughnuts on a baking rack
  • Stacked Vanilla Gobs
  • Chocolate icing doughnuts
  • Stacked Chocolate Peanut Butter Gobs